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Independent investment research


             The funds management and investment technology development skills are experience of Heuristics via the Investment Strategy Bureau Service of some techniques. They are here Interactive strategy sessions, bespoke projects across all asset classes, Chart packs, Valuations, Extremes and Bulletin Observations.

Investment Strategy


               In strategy engine a platform for formulating the testing and presenting economic relationships. Also the investment strategies Used by CIOs, investment managers. Strategists, economists and analysts involved in asset allocation, equity strategy, fixed interest and economics.

               In fixed interest engine services giving more information about client’s expectations, they are dealing compliance performance and reporting services.

Heuristic investment systems giving some useful strategy sessions

o    strategic asset allocation 

  • Equity sector

  • Interactive strategy

  • Chart packs and reports

  • Investment committee

  • Bespoke projects and ad-hoc access

The economic, funds management and investments services developed some investment strategy bureau services

              Tactical Allocation

  • Strategic Allocation

  • Equity sector strategy

  • Interactive strategy

  • Bespoke projects for all asset classes

  • Chart packs,

Investment Strategy are giving the best relationship with their clients.

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Investment research and technology
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